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Ronin Bushido Aikido was created by Sensei Ron Boyd in 1979. Ronin Bushido has been led by Sensei Ron Boyd for over 30 years.  Sensei’s teacher was Richard Rood who was a student of the founder, Moriei Ueshiba.  Sensei Boyd also studied under Kishoumanu and Monteru Ueshiba, Moriei Ueshiba’s son and grandson.

ACT (Aikido Control Training) was created for law enforcement professionals and is taught in several states throughout the USA and in some foreign countries.  ACT4Teachers and ACT4Firefighters were created in the early 2000s to help other professionals to protect themselves and their “charges” from hurting themselves or others by engaging in aggressive behavior.

What does Ronin Bushido Mean

Ronin:  Means to have no master.  In the feudal time of Japan if a Samurai’s lord were to die he would be “Ronin”. Some times the Ronin were Rogues and brigands and roam the country doing harm, but they could also be Robin Hood type and defend the weak.  For the Club “Ronin” simply means that you take orders from yourself, you are your own master.

Bushido: Is a Code of seven virtues that the Samurai lived or died by.

  • Chugi – Loyalty
  • Gi – Justice
  • Jin – Charity/Benevolence/Humanity
  • Makoto – Truth
  • Meiyo – Honor
  • Rei – Courtesy/Etiquette
  • Yuki – Bravery


The four ACT  (Aikido Control Training) groups are represented on this site by the following logos.

  ACT4Fire Logo


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